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Tim Ball, PhD Biography

Retired Professor of Geography at the University of Winnipeg
Con to the question "Is Human Activity Primarily Responsible for Global Climate Change?"

“Claims that recent severe weather and flooding in the US are proof of human CO2 impacts on global climate are scientific nonsense…

Those who perpetrated possibly the greatest deception in human history that CO2 is causing global warming/climate change are scared. Events are driving them to extreme, unsubstantiated and even ridiculous claims and threats.

One of these was that sea level would rise, but it foundered when the two Nobel Peace Prize winners, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Al Gore were in serious disagreement. Another was Arctic sea ice except it returned to long term normal levels last winter and NASA announced the one year anomaly was due to changes in wind patterns.

So they return to their central theme of convincing you that normal weather events are abnormal…

Proponents of human caused climate change will… continue their practice of claiming natural events as unnatural. Unless people understand the basic science they will continue the fraud and pressure politicians into even more damaging energy and environmental policies.”

“Alarmists Use Weather to Promote Global Warming Hoax,, July 7, 2008

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Member, Science Advisory Board, International Climate Science Coalition
  • Research Fellow, Frontier Center for Public Policy (FCPP)
  • Advisor, Friends of Science
  • Expert, Heartland Institute
  • Chairman, Natural Resources Stewardship Project (NRSP)
  • Contributing writer, Country Guide Magazine
  • Contributing writer, Canada Free Press
  • Professor, Department of Geography, University of Winnipeg, 1988-1996
  • Associate Professor, University of Winnipeg, 1984-1988
  • Instructor, University of Winnipeg, 1971-1982
  • PhD, Geography, University of London (England), 1983
  • MA, Geography, University of Manitoba (Canada)
  • BA, Honours, University of Winnipeg (Canada)
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