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Con to the question "Is Human Activity Primarily Responsible for Global Climate Change?"

“[G]lobal surface temperatures have not increased since about 1998. Since the late 1800s, the world’s average surface temperature is believed to have warmed about 1°F, which is, in part, a natural recovery from the ‘Little Ice Age,’ a period of global cooling lasting from about 1400 to the 1800s AD…

[N]atural flows of CO2 in and out of the Earth’s surface average about 20 times the human contribution…

Predictions of future climate come from computer models, which are very incomplete approximations of the behavior of the real climate system… The predictions of future climatic changes are hypotheses, not scientific facts…

Whatever the threat of climate change to humanity, it is most likely to be natural — not man-made.”

“The Cocktail Conversation Guide to Global Warming,”, July 23, 2009


[Editor’s Note: The George C. Marshall Institute dissolved in Aug. 2015.]

“The George C. Marshall Institute was established in 1984 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation to conduct technical assessments of scientific issues with an impact on public policy.

In every area of public policy, from national defense, to the environment, to the economy, decisions are shaped by developments in and arguments about science and technology. The need for accurate and impartial technical assessments has never been greater. However, even purely scientific appraisals are often politicized and misused by interest groups.”

“About the Marshall Institute,” (accessed June 16, 2010)


“[P]roviding policymakers with rigorous, clearly written and unbiased technical analyses on a range of public policy issues. Through briefings to the press, publication programs, speaking tours and public forums, the Institute seeks to preserve the integrity of science and promote scientific literacy.

We publish reports, host roundtables, workshops and collaborate with institutions that share our interest in basing public policy on scientific facts.”

“About the Marshall Institute,” (accessed June 16, 2010)

501(c)(3) nonprofit
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