Top Pro & Con Arguments


Rising levels of human-produced gases released into the atmosphere create a greenhouse effect that traps heat and causes global warming.

Gases released into the atmosphere trap heat and cause the planet to warm through a process called the greenhouse effect. [8] When we burn fossil fuels to heat our homes, drive our cars, and run factories, we’re releasing emissions that cause the planet to warm. [9] 

Methane, which is increasing in the atmosphere due to agriculture and fossil fuel production, traps 84 times as much heat as CO2 for the first 20 years it is in the atmosphere, [11] and is responsible for about one-fifth of global warming since 1750. [12] Nitrous oxide, primarily released through agricultural practices, traps 300 times as much heat as CO2. [13] Over the 20th century, as the concentrations of CO2, CH4, and NO2 increased in the atmosphere due to human activity, [13] [14] the earth warmed by approximately 1.4°F. [99]

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